say yeah….

Some collections makes me smile but rare is the one that actually makes me giggle with glee.

MSGM resort 2017 just made me do exactly that.

What fun this is.

Happy happy joy joy and big sleeves.

What's not to like...

Inspired by contemporary music and art Massimo Giorgetti founded his label in 2009.

Starting out he was obsessed by big logo’ed sweatshirts. “I probably owned at least two hundred,” he said. So he started working on inventive versions of those oversize, street style uniforms for his line. In that first collection the best-selling print was a digitally remixed ECG-type chart drawn from a remastered record by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

 “MSGM originated from some sort of accident at the crossroads between music, art, and fashion,” 

Romance and sports , perhaps are not the most obvious companions, were the inspiration for this resort collection. Tennis, motocross, basketball, soccer, cycling, rugby, skating, surfing, you name it, Giorgetti loves it and is endlessly inspired by it.

Elongated masculine T-shirts were decorated with swirling asymmetric ribbons printed with floral motifs, which recurred on tiered chiffon dresses and pleated skirts in leather. Biker jackets in cotton were light as shirts, printed in floral motifs that on close inspection revealed themselves to be skateboarders, soccer players, and snowboarders hidden under the romantic foliage. Elsewhere, nylon bombers came macrame’-incrusted in contrasting block colors. 
All Images courtesy of  Vogue

All Images courtesy of Vogue

Some of the floral prints are giving me an early 90's Marc Jacobs or a more recent Rodarte feeling but that is no bad thing...

Queen Marie