Cowgirl Blues


I have risen from the dead! Well, from the hideous effects of tonsillitis at least. Still far from 100% but feeling much better.

Let's talk cowboy boots. 

All a 15 year old me wanted was a pair of cowboy boots when I went through my sleaze metal phase, but coming from a small Scottish seaside town there really wasn't much call for cowboy boots in the shops, so I never did get them. Now that I'm no longer 15, I don't really love actual cowboy boots but I am obsessed with any footwear inspired by them and have a whole collection of western style shoes and boots to prove it. I recently added another pair into the collection in the form of these Topshop Arson boots.


I'd been hunting for a pair like these ones I'd saved on Pinterest.


I wasn't having any success finding a pair like them, then these Arson boots popped up on Topshop so I snapped them up. Obviously the ones in the Pinterest photo are authentic and have a leather sole, but for £89 the Topshop will certainly fill the gap until I get a pair that are even better.