It's Always Sunny Somewhere


Let It Shine

If ever there was time I could use some sunshine in my life it would be now. Life is far from sunny at the moment and even with my best sunglasses on the gloom is still present. However, as the saying goes "it's always sunny somewhere" and perhaps the outlook is a little brighter where you are you need some fab new sunglasses.

OK so I assume you get by now I am fairly addicted to sunglasses and my most recent procurement has been a pair of these amazing Self Portrait x Le Specs creations, which you've seen in the few last outfit posts.


Le Specs is one of my favourite brands of sunglasses and I have many of their designs lurking in the sunglasses box (yes, there is a box for sunglasses). They are very affordable and incredibly well made.

The brand at first glance appears to be French but they are actually Australian. My only gripe is ordering directly from their own online shop - they don't recognise Scotland as a country! When the website geo-locates you via your browser you come up as being in England, and in their checkout form there is no Scotland option, meaning you can't buy anything because your credit card details won't match up. It's an absurd oversight which I have emailed them about, but they haven't done anything about it. Luckily they have UK online stockists who know where Scotland is.