in the bag...


We love them.

Safe to say that Queen Michelle loves them even more than me because she actually uses her bags. They all get a chance to come out to play.

She was the first person I thought of when the new lookbook for Nasha Mekraksavanich  dropped through the virtual Kingdom letterbox earlier this week.

 What I actually thought was was " Michelle will lose her shit when she sees these" They really  are that good...

Nasha works with highly skilled artisans to create architecturally minded bags. Working from her factory in Thailand, geometric shapes and developed metal work form her aesthetic.

Talking about what inspires her creations Nasha said 

 I design based on what I like and what I see and what touches me sentimentally. Then it stays in my mind like a memory, and the theme of the collection develops from there. The things that I remember are architecture, arts and travelling. If it impresses me, I try to delve into the story behind it, and that’s where the collection comes from.
 I like to experiment on material at my factory because it can give others the same curious feeling when they see it.

She cites herself as her own muse, but I'm guessing if she was to see Queen Michelle she would recognise a kindred spirit in a heartbeat.

They are a little expensive but if you feel like treating yourself, you can find them at the wonderful Valery Demure

Queen Marie