Big Big World


Go Large

Melitta Baumeister  is among the semifinalists for the LVMH Prize, and she likes it big.

I also like it big.

Get your minds out of the gutter naughty children! When I talk about big, I'm talking silhouettes. 

Everything in her collection is extra large and adapted from industrial materials. With four seasons under her belt, the Parson's graduate this season has introduced a wonderful neon yellow into her usually monochrome palette, and the reason why it love it so.

We are treated to a new heat-bonded fabric that look the likes neoprene on steroids, a long padded harness, high gloss vinyl and a odd curly fabric which she calls the “poodle.” 

Shapes like these can of course seem intimidating at first, ridiculous even. I find it infuriating when designers, outside of the world of the couture world,  indulge themselves in clothing which really couldn't be worn in real life. Even avant garde clothing won't be serving it's sole purpose in life if it never sees the body of an actual person.

Of course 'wearable' is subjective, well up to a degree anyway. For me, as a sartorially adventurous person, I can see these pieces working for everyday if paired with something a little less big to offset the balance.

And my love for neon never dies.