Tweed Me Up


Bag Ladies


We love 'em here in the Kindgom. Queen Marie has loads, which she never actually carries, and I have loads which I do actually carry. But between us we have a whole lotta bags. My current love affair with my Brenda MacLeod bag shows no signs of waning (see it here and here) but that doesn't mean to say I can't look at others.

When our friends over at Betty & Bee told me about the new collection from Scottish designer Catherine Aitken, I was very excited. Catherine set me one of her stunning Harris Tweed bags back in 2013 and as testament to how much I carried it, the tweed is now totally bobbled. 

Her latest collection is a springtime dream, with tweeds in warm, mouthwatering hues such as chartreuse, orange and lemon.


My Catherine Aitken Patti bag is a patchwork, punk rock delight.


(outfits from 2013)

However the new collection of ultra feminine creations appeal to 'summer Michelle', who loves her pastels as much as she loves her blood red velvet.

Each bag is designed and made in her Leith studio (Trainspotting country for all you non-Scots) using the finest Harris Tweed. Catherine's background however is actually in film and television and she designed and produced her first handbags to promote a film she was financing at the Cannes Film Festival. She gave up the film and television industry three years to design bags full time.

A backpack retails at around £150 and a cute little wristlet will set you back a mere £35, which are very modest prices indeed. Go on, treat yourself...