Come Into My Layer







Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


I swing from one extreme to another in every outfit post. Last week I kept it super simple with a dress and entirely in monochrome, and this week I hit you up with some serious layering.

I know, every blogger always says how they're "layering" when usually all that's going on is a top, a jacket, a scarf and a pair of jeans. Don't tell me you're "layering" until I see at least a skirt and trousers in one outfit. But for all the layers in this particular outfit, it's actually really light and perfect for the first day of spring, which is when I shot this outfit. 

The star of the outfit however is my DIY jacket, which I told you all about last week


The Details

DIY jacket; Thrifted shirt; Cheap Monday dress; Zara trousers; Orange collar, eBay; Nike trainers; Angel Jackson bag; Triwa sunglasses


The jacket has become the thing in my wardrobe I'm most excited about. Not just because it actually turned out well, but because it works in loads of different ways - from being worn over a basic shirt, to being layered over a leather jacket. And this outfit has immediately become my favourite one for ages. I'm already on the hunt for a black trench to create a black version. 

You may all be so sick of seeing these Zara trousers but you have to admit, they can be styled up in a seemingly infinite number of ways. In other words, expect to keep seeing them until I find a new pair with the same cut, in a different fabric!