Valley Girls


I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you how much I love sunglasses, since I wear them in nearly all my outfit posts. The reason I do that is because it's another accessory I can wear, and you can never have too many accessories, and also because it means my face is obscured a little more. But mostly, it's because I have a vast collection of sunglasses and, since I live in Scotland, they don't see much action the rest of the time, so at least they get to come and play for a wee while whilst I shoot outfits. Only yesterday on Instagram I was saying how much a day is made better with sunglasses!

My current fave glasses, and the ones I wear the most often by far, are my cat eye Quay glasses. Quay is an affordable Australian brand but one you can thankfully buy in ASOS. If anyone knows sun it's the Australians and some of my absolute favourite sunglasses brands happen to be Australian. One of those brands is Valley Eyewear.

Valley Eyewear have easily the best selection of interesting frame shapes and also some of the best names - Warship, A Dead Coffin Club, Scapula, Epiphany. I am very partial to an unusual frame and this brand have tons which I love. I am basically on their site almost every month, wishing they had UK online stockist.



The prices start at $199.99 AUS.

If customs charges weren't so scary to the UK I would buy The Dead Coffin Club ones which are half white and half black. I love the little cross detail at the corners.

All I need is some of that Australian sunshine to come my way too.