Take to the air...

I've got lots of sunglasses. Lots. But one thing I don't have is aviators. Much to buy regret I just can't carry them off.

Of course it doesn't stop me trying on about 30 pairs every spring in the mad hope that this year things will be different. But of course they never are.

But for all those lucky sods who can pull them off, this post is for you !

Just check out this collaboration by  FAKBYFAK x MANISH ARORA. 

"Images of past and future, horrifying dreams and sweet illusions, human beings and mystical creatures are mixed in incomprehensible, paradoxical and stunning sunglasses collection that awaken imagination and setting the new directions"

The collection includes 2 styles, each in 4 color combinations. Inspiration came from the mood and themes of Manish Arora's FW’16 clothing collection “Hell’s Belle", which has an amalgamation of creative influencers from Twin Peaks to Haribo, with a sprinkling of Americana, African and the extravagance style of Burning Man.

The frame’s models are a reworked take on the form of classic aviator glasses. First developed in the 1930's, cinema and pop culture worked in tandem to define and canonise the aviator style through the following decades. The teardrop lens design has not changed significantly over the years - however, with mathematical precision, the familiar form was redesigned, adding rotating lenses, resulting in an accidental provocative flavour.

Ironically inverted aviator frames resulted in an unexpectedly feminine manner, and became the idea for another model in the collection.

These puppies are not cheap at 660 euros but it's not going to stop some of you I suspect...

Queen Marie