beads and baskets...

Beads and baskets. What could be better?

Not a lot when they are as darling as this.

Say hello to Hejsan Goods : Scandinavian, vintage folk accessories for your home!

These Swedish beaded baskets are a lost folk craft from the 1970's that the lovely and talented Sarah is bringing to a new generation of Scandinavian design lovers.

Once a popular craft in Sweden, these brightly coloured and patterned baskets have since disappeared and could only be found at antique fairs and flea markets. 

Sarah was inspired to try making her own baskets after she found a couple of original Swedish baskets and loved having them in her home.

With HEJSAN GOODS, she now creates her own basket designs that stay true to the original techniques and materials and reflect a modern, Scandinavian aesthetic.

I came across Sarah and her wonderful baskets at the Glasgow Esty event in The Briggait at the weekend. So many wonderful makers in one place. She was also selling this wonderful Christmas decoration with hand turned wooden beads and hand printed linen trees...

In much the same way that Queen Michelle looks at black dresses meant for Halloween and thinks " I could get a turn out of that",  I can't look at a Christmas decoration without thinking " I would wear that as a necklace"

So I did. I even sprayed it with Serge Leutens to give it a proper pine tree smell. Perfect.

Queen Marie