Coach SS17





Thanks to that buffoon Trump, America has become a talking point for all the wrong reasons, so celebrating all things 'Americana' might not be well timed, but when Stuart Vevers created his latest SS17 collection for Coach, which celebrates all things Americana, Trump was still just a man on the telly spouting bullshit and not a President on the telly spouting bullshit.

Ever since Vever's appointment at the label a few years ago, Coach has been transformed. Formerly a somewhat staid brand mostly known for their bags, Vevers has chased the young dollar and given the brand a much needed lease of youth-filled life.

The collection is laden with Elvis references but if you expect to see a single cinched in circle skirt or a pair of bobby socks move along because Vevers has expertly mixed it with other era defining references, such as 90's sheer floral dresses, 50's greaser denim and 60's biker cuts. 





There are military references in there too with army jackets and floral prints rendered in camouflage colours. Boots are studded and punk-like with double creeper soles.

For all the old references, this is far from nostalgia - Vevers takes those references and reworks them into something a younger generation, who might not necessarily make those connections, can get on board with.

I don't know the figures but if Vevers hasn't turned round the financial fortunes of Coach then I'll eat my creepers.