Cozy Squared


Time to get the cozy out



The leaves are falling off the trees and every morning you can hear the scrape, scrape, scrape of frost being removed from car windows. For most people that means knitwear.

As I've mentioned before, I'm not a huge fan of knitwear, I prefer to keep warm by layering, but there is one designer who always makes me crave her colourful creations and that's YuSquare on Etsy.

YuSquare is designed by Ringo Yu, who studied textiles in London before moving to Taiwan. I have featured her creations on here a few years ago, but felt her work was a colourful way to welcome in autumn.









During my time studying textile design in London a few years back, ever since I found knitting so fascinating it has become the love of my life. I’m now an owner of a standard gauge domestic knitting machine, a chunky domestic knitting machine and a linker, they are all very old hand-operated models so the muscle of my arms just get bigger and stronger and that worries me. Otherwise I’m the happiest when I knit.
— Ringo Yu

I am really loving her socks in particular. They would be great to wear over pointe shoes when warming up for ballet class. Everything in the shop is very reasonably priced too, especially given it is all made by Ringo herself. 

If these cheery creations don't help you welcome in the frost, I don't know what will.