For The Love Of Florals

Valentino Resort 2013

Valentino Resort 2013


Like A Summer Garden

I spoke last week about entering 2016 with caution after having such a disastrous 2015. This feeling has definitely affected my dressing as I find myself drawn to darker, more sombre colours.

I have a weakness for black dresses with white collars, as most girls with goth leanings generally do, however for summer I'm craving a floral version. Could this mean I have a underlying sense of optimism for this year? I'm not sure, maybe it's just that I've been obsessing over the above Valentino creation from Resort 2013. It is exactly the kind of dress I mean. Ok a short version, but the floral and white collar combo is definitely what I want to be wearing come summer. 

Valentino, as a designer, seems as fond of the contrasting white collar as I am. Maybe he was a goth girl in a past life. I just need to find me a designer to make one for me, unless ASOS can read my mind....

It Started With A Leotard...

I've not been feeling prints for a long time but my interest was definitely reignited when I decided that I needed a printed leotard for ballet class, as prints are more flattering on wobbly bits and larger busts. I found this Victorian rose print on an Eleve leotard, as well as other floral Eleve leos, and fell hard in love. The print is discontinued, but it most certainly served to awaken my love of a good floral.


I ordered the third leotard but with the print you see on the second leotard. It should arrive in February. I also sent Dust some beautiful floral mesh I found on eBay to make a new Danseuse skirt just for me.

Speaking of Danseuse, it's been a long time since we've updated the shop with anything new. It kinda fell by the wayside for various reasons, so much so I questioned as to whether it was even worth continuing with it, but we are going to keep it going for the moment and will be adding some new things very soon, such as knee length shorts, dresses and even some legwarmers. Stay tuned!

(PS I never got to shoot an outfit at the weekend thanks to sleet and snow. Damn weather!)