The Nomadic Wardrobe...

Let me just start the year by seconding everything Queen Michelle said yesterday! Especially the parts wishing you all the best for 2016 and saying thank you to each and every one of you for joining in the fun with us, this last 10 years and Erin was right, we absolutely positively need to have a jubilee celebration this year.

I was full of good intentions this year, to use my holiday break to try and tackle some of the clutter in The Palace. But of course it was derailed by Christmas movies, a tub of Quality street and new pajamas. Not only did I not tackle the house, but due to all the rolls of wrapping paper and presents, the place looked like sodding Santa's grotto.

If I was able to turn over a new leaf and start to live a more minimal life then this nomadic wardrobe would be at the very top of my list

Say hello to Tojbox! This has to be the most pared down and elegant wardrobe solution ever.. It’s described as nomadic by its Danish designer, Michael Daae, because he was moving around a lot when he designed it. He wanted something that was easy to assemble and useful. 

I wanted to design a piece of furniture that was compatible with my nomadic lifestyle but still had a characteristic design. You just have to lean it against the wall where you want it.

Realistically though, I know I would destroy the Tojbox with my scarf collection alone. Sitting here, tying this post propped up on my old couch with a mountain of cushions, I imagine too how crisp, sharp and witty my future posts would be, if I was sitting at the desk below -

The AA Desk, designed by Danish design studio Spant Studio.

AA Desk rethinks the classic work desk in a beautiful way by combining today’s digital workflow with clean original lines. 

But at $4125.00 that is never going to happen.

*Sigh* Someone pass me another cushion and some chocolate, this is going to be another messy year...

Queen Marie