The Lobster...

If you were going to be turned into an animal what would you choose to be?

This is exactly what Colin Farrel and others must decide if they fail to find love after 45 days in the glorious film The Lobster

The film from Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos bills itself as a sci-fi romantic thriller starring Colin Farrell in a dystopic world that has no place for sad single people.  We meet David (Colin Farrell) as he is being ousted from his home by his wife, who has fallen in love with another man. The rules of society dictate that because he is now single, he must be sent to The Hotel to find a new mate within 45 days. If he fails, he will undergo a procedure in which he is turned into the animal of his choosing. David has chosen to become a lobster, because "lobsters live for over one hundred years, are blue-blooded like aristocrats, and stay fertile all their lives."

Everything about this film is slightly strange, the colours, the soundtrack, never mind the surreal premise. Hopefully these images will give you a feeling of the wonderful deadpan absurd humor throughout the film because I don't want to give you even a sniff of a spoiler.

I'm not a big fan of Colin Farrell , I don't know why but he is perfection in this.

Our David watched this too and loved it. When I said I would maybe consider being turned into a Manatee or Narwahl he scoffed at me and said the only and obvious answer was a house cat. Because you can do what ever the feck you like and you always get fed and have somewhere warm to sleep. The boy could have a point!

Queen Marie