When Your Cups Spilleth Over


Bra shopping is a cause of distress and annoyance for a whole load of women out there, myself included.

My bra life used to be so simple. I had small boobs and all the bras looked great. I could wear padded bras without ending up with a comedy cleavage, or triangle bras without needing the support. Life was good. 

Then I hit middle age.

Shit happens to you when you hit your late 30’s/early 40’s that no-one tells you about. One of the many middle age related body things you have zero control over is that your boobs get bigger. It creeps up on you until one day you put on your favourite bra and realise you look like a burst couch.


In an attempt to treat the girls right, I bought a Thistle & Spire bra top, which is so pretty but it’s not hugely flattering on full boobs. I love it, as it’s so comfy, but if you were to see it on you’d laugh! So I took to ASOS to see if they had anything more flattering. 

Turns out I got lucky.

You might have seen me rave about this little ASOS number on Instagram (@michellehaswell). This bra is a little more supportive than usual soft cups bras because of the fact the lace goes all the way up.


The additional strapping detail makes it a little edgier. I love it because it's so rare I can wear soft cups bras. I know there are many ladies out there wouldn't manage to fit their girls into even this kind of soft cup, but for the full busted C cuppers out there, I recommend it.

All that and it was only £18. Thanks ASOS!

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