there is nothing like a dame...

If I were being totally honest, given the choice between fashion week and

Euroluce at Milan Design Week  I think I would choose Euroluce every time. Like the old joke about never feeling too fat for a new handbag or new pair of shoes, I would rather drool over new lights than a dress that will never get over my hips!

Euroluce showcases what is arguably the world’s most cutting edge lighting. Held earlier this year at four pavilions at Rho Fiera Milano, the Euroluce exhibition represented many innovative and elegant lighting projects proposed by designers from around the world. 

This year one little lady was stopping people in their tracks. Literally!

She was hanging from the ceiling at the Carlesso stand and this was one 'dame' that people could not resist.

The hanging porcelain ladies were inspired by Noble women and the Baroque fashions typical of the 1700s. Finely worked in porcelain, each is illuminated by LED lighting, giving them a diffused, romantic glow. 

Although they were massed and hanging singly at the show, the actual product, which is new for 2015, is sold as a ceiling lamp consisting of a cluster of six of the delicate “dames” 

I hardly have words for much I adore these...

Queen Marie