Neck Companions

I own so much jewellery, so much. I have more rings than you can count, necklaces for more necks than I have and not enough piercings for all the earrings I own. It's simply ridiculous.

For all I have tried to add interest to my outfits by adding various metalwear at various times, I have simply concluded that the only jewellery that doesn't drive me nuts is necklaces and earrings. Everything else I end up taking off after a few hours.

These are the pieces I wear most often currently, usually all at once.  I feel happy when I look down and see claws and moons and arrows. Simple white tees are instantly made more exciting when they become a canvas for bold necklaces. My fingers remain bare but as long as my neck is comforted by the feel of metal around it, all is well. 

What's your favourite kind of jewellery?