Current Faves #3

The last Current Faves I did were all dance related, so I thought today I'd do a more general one this time around. These are the things that are making life pleasant at the moment.


I know lots of people take reading for granted but not me. I rarely have a spare 10 minutes sit quietly and enjoy a good book. When I do, I savour it. My favourite place to read is in my bedroom when the sun is shining. I love lying on the bed, cup of tea, book in hand and the sun streaming into my room. It's very tranquil. Sadly the sun rarely shines here so it's probably just a well I don't have time to read.

Current book is 'When The Lights Went Out', which is about politics in 70's Britain. I actually bought the book for Prince B but I've 'borrowed' it.

Toga Boots

For footwear with a Western slant, Toga is the best. These short stacked ankle boots are my go-to boots for general stomping around, as they are incredibly comfortable. 

Thistle & Spire Longline Bra

It's been an utter struggle to find a decent bra for my full bust that doesn't either squeeze the girls together or push them up to my chin, and simple, soft cup bras are dreadfully unflattering. So much so I have actually given up looking for a genuinely flattering bra. For that reason I normally wear simple nude, jersey bra tops. How hideously dull. In an attempt to rectify this, I recently bought this Thistle & Spire bra top. It's lacy and so much prettier than my current boob holders. Is it flattering? Honestly, no but it neither hikes nor squishes so that's as good it gets for me.

All Saints Biker Jeans and White Tee

I had to go jeans shopping recently as I've put on quite a bit of weight in the last 5 weeks. It's partly plain old fashioned fat and partly bulky ballet muscles, but the upshot is my beloved MiH and DL1961 jeans are on the wrong side of tight now. So it was off into town for me.

I used to adore jeans shopping but now I hate it with a raging passion. But a trip to All Saints changed my fortunes. I initially just went in to buy a white t-shirt but then I saw their biker jeans and I had to try them on. I was so glad I did as they are insanely good. Flattering and ridiculously comfortable: two of my favourite things.

Needle Felting

Like all creative people I shrivel up and die if I'm not making things. Whether it's websites, art, sewing, blogging, photography or any of my other creative endevours, I have to be making something

My most recent creative discovery is needle felt. I first attempted it last year, when I made a little hare for Queen Marie's birthday, and I found that I loved doing it. It's so amazing seeing your little felted thing take shape. I enjoy making animals most of all and made this adorable little guy for Queen Marie while I was up visiting the Duchess last week.

So those are my current faves.