Should Have Gone To SpecSavers

I was recently invited to SpecSavers to come down and try out their new Converse range of glasses and sunglasses. My eyesite is fine so I don't wear glasses and therefore couldn't personally accept their offer, however that doesn't mean to say I couldn't send Prince B instead.

Prince B is already a SpecSavers customer for his contact lenses, but recently he's been talking about wearing glasses instead, so it seemed the perfect excuse to get him back into the shop and finally take the plunge and get some glasses.

Watching the fitting process for glasses was a bit of an eye opener (pun intended). I honestly thought you went in, picked glasses, they shoved some lenses in them and that was it. I was wrong. There were contraptions and apps involved.

The Converse stand was pleasantly full with all types of frames. They were so much cooler than either myself or Prince B were expecting. 

He narrowed his selection down to two pairs which he loved. The girl took measurements of his face and used a special heating machine to mold and shape the legs of the glasses.

Once the selection was made and the glasses made to fit perfectly, they were sent away to have lenses put inside them. Prince B has a separate prescription for each eye so needed two different lenses. A few days later, he went back in and picked up two beautiful pairs of glasses.

He couldn't be happier with his new glasses and hasn't worn his contact lenses since.