Gentle Artisans

It would seem that the word of the week is 'artisan'

A word you would think I would like but strangely for me, it has been a little tainted by a local baker - Alexander Taylors near where I work, who are 'artisan bakers'  Scotlands oldest baker, established in 1820,  I have no doubt at all of their tasty talents but I object to paying £2  for a little pineapple cake. But as always I digress lets get back to business!

The  last time I wore a jumpsuit, it was an actual jumpsuit!

It was my 21st birthday party, it was blue with a zip up the front, hell it was more of a freakin' flying suit and looking back at the pictures and the frightwig of a perm ( holy hell, yes really, a perm!!!!!) I swore I would  never wear one again. But as we always say here on The Kingdom - never say never.

If there was ever a jumpsuit that could tempt me to break my promise it owuld be this one by Renli Su over at YBD.

Over at YBD,  they describe her as a gentle artisan. Explaining that the Renli Su label

explores the idea of ‘time and memory’ whereby garments retain the physical traces of theur past but also from an intrinsic bond with their wearer. This is a calmed restrained beauty.”