Wheels of Steel

In honour of Queen Michelle and her spirit animal Lemmy yesterday, today I bring you some real heavy metal.

70lbs of it to be precise.

Say hello to The Turntable

A glorious sonic behemoth of cast iron and brass...

The Turntable, has been lovingly created by Virginia based company Fern & Roby 

This is a record player for big boys and girls. It's about as far removed from a silly little speaker dock as it is possible to get although at $4500 it has a pretty heavyweight pricepoint too!

Made of 70 pound cast iron plinth, The Turntable is a serious feat of engineering. Every design decision considered how best to reduce resonance and vibration. As they explain on their site -

Our single point bearing and center of mass design is a low contact and low friction concept that takes advantage of the dynamically balanced platter to get the best performance.

I love Fern & Roby.  As a design house, their products ranges from small machined hardware and accessories to monumental tables and audio components.  The essential quality they share is being designed as tools for living. They are driven to make beautiful things that enhance and elevate the everyday, whether it be cooking, dining, or listening to music.

Through our use of industrial materials and processes, we participate in the long and rich tradition of American manufacturing and craft. Our work has a weight and tactility that encourages one to participate and interact with the material. Our selection of material is guided by the principles of local and domestic sourcing and in most cases driven toward recycled, reclaimed or responsibly manufactured goods. We choose to manufacture in America and are proud to be part of our local economy

Of course it goes without saying that with a post title like this, I couldn't finish without a little blast of Saxon...

Queen Marie