Red Alert

I can feel a new colour obsession bubbling under - red. It began with a photo of Gilda Ambrosio on Pinterest wearing a stunning shaggy red coat.

Then onto my latest order of Yumiko leotards, one of which has a panel of dark red velvet. From there it escalated into imagining this Ganni dress in dark red velvet instead, which I decided I couldn't live without, despite the fact it doesn't actually exist.

It's not the first time I have lusted after red. When I saw Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula, I just wanted to be Winona Ryder in that red dress.

Then there was the lesser known Fanella Fielding as Valeria in Carry On Screaming, with her red lips to match that vavavoom dress.

Maybe with the weather being so miserable I am just geared up for autumn already so I desire those warm, deep colours we associate with the season. 


Of course the red items I desire will have some textural quality to them, such as faux fur, cord or velvet - no plain old cotton for me - and good shades of reds are hard to find, so I'm not entirely sure how successful I'll be in introducing this colour into my (non ballet) wardrobe. But I like a project, so let the hunt commence!