I dream of wires...

I dream of lots of things.

Mainly cakes and shoes but at the weekend due to another attack of the dreaded labrynthitis I dreamt of wires.

Ive been meaning to watch this for the longest time. I'm so glad I did.

What a wonderful film. After watching it, all I could think about was moogs with my muffins

The documentary  charts the history and resurgence of the modular synthesizers.
Directed by Robert Fantinatto, I Dream Of Wires travels through the history of electronic music, examining the role technology has played in modern day music making.
The cast includes legendary musicians, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails, I've put him first especially for Queen Michelle), Morton Subotnick, Carl Craig, James Holden, Legowelt and even Gary Numan and Vince Clarke (Erasure) to name but a few...


If you are lucky enough to be in Berlin today (  you lucky lucky person) then you can celebrate the film's release  at the Babylon Kino, tonight at 8pm with a screening and special event featuring legendary sound artist Morton Subotnick. The American composer will present a work he created with the video artist Lillevan, marking Subotnick's first appearance in Germany since 2011. Wires will be crossed, in the best possible way .

If you can't make it along, which 99.9% of us can't,  it is well worth buying it and watching it at home.

You can keep all of your arguments about modern machines and modules being polyphonic and even taking up less room, but to do so misses the very vital point about this film and analogue machines in the first place - this is all about the unique soul in the machine.

And that my friends is what true electronic music is all about...

Queen Marie