Helvetica,Hell yeah...

We all have them. Weaknesses.

For many of us creative types, it's Helvetica. We can't help ourselves. Show us a book, a pencil case, a mug or even a movie featuring it and we are all over it.

As if that wasn't enough, now apparently you can even smell like your favourite typeface with Helvetica The Perfume...

But all is not as it first appears.

Yes the perfume is real, Yes you can buy buy it but it smells of nothing at all!

Just fresh air and you! Due to the fact the perfume is just distilled water.

What it really is, is a very clever exercise in self branding.

Helvetica The Perfume is the first limited edition project from Guts & Glory, a design and branding studio based in Oakland, California. As the very clever Meg and Faun explain -

When we’re not developing our own products we build brands that are rooted in simple but big ideas, driven by strategic storytelling and obsessively crafted in execution

To learn more about Guts & Glory, click here. 

Queen Marie