Beclaws I'm Worth It

I pour over Etsy pretty much every single day for cool shit. I have found so many amazing things on that site. One of my fave purchases of the last few months has been this awesome talon necklace from Skeletos.

It reminded me of the much coveted Bloodmilk The Messenger talon pendant, which has been on my wishlist for a very long time, minus the quartz stone. As much as I adore the Bloodmilk version, spending $300 in a US based shop just isn't an option due to the customs charges. This Skeletos piece is a lovely compromise however.

It's brass, which I'm allergic to, but the pendant itself doesn't touch my skin too much - it sits very lightly on my chest. I requested they swap the chain it comes with with a fabric cord instead, since the chain was brass too, but I have since bought a sterling silver chain for it.

At under £30 is was money well spent. I'll definitely be buying more pieces from this brand.