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After I read that, I was pretty amazed at how quickly my brain coped with that. Very interesting but then I expect no less from those clever clogs over at Le Labo 

They sent that over last week saying-

"We are sharing that with you because that's also the way we see perfumery: as a whole. Not per ingredient, not per top, middle and base note, but as a whole. As a whole, is there any magic happening when you smell a particular fragrance? As a whole, is it delivering a special moment you never lived before when you are wearing it?So when you smell our perfumes, don't think, don't try to understand anything or you will miss the point - just "feel", as each one of them are shaped to talk to your soul, not your brain"

We love Le Labo here in The Kingdom and have written about them often. Founded in New York, its creators Eddie and Fabrice aimed to reclaim perfume from what they saw as a mass market of uniformity. 

If you are thinking of buying someone perfume for Christmas or treating yourself, don't go down the obvious route, why not try this tester set. You could find your perfect smell and we all know how difficult that is!

I'm super intrigued by the sound of their latest one The Noir 29. Think I shall be ordering up a little sample bottle right now...

Queen Marie