the bloom blanket...

Long term readers ( thank you for sticking with us all these years) know that the reasons we post about things is very simple -maybe we love them, maybe we are intrigued by them or most importantly maybe we are touched by them.

A very touching email from the lovely Rosemary dropped into The Kingdom inbox earlier this week telling us about the girl behind the Bloom Blanket

"Her name is Bianca and she is an MIT drop out and former interaction designer and software engineer for Apple. She recently moved from San Francisco to Berlin -where we met- to start a design firm. Her first product is a beautiful blend of origami geometric shapes and textile design: a new cashmere wool blanket called bloom.

A few years ago, Bianca was in a near-fatal bicycle accident. She fell into a coma and her memory loss was extreme. Regaining knowledge of things large and small provided a moment of profound exploration and rediscovery. Bianca relearned to walk. Relearned complex programming paradigms. And soon found herself recreating origami art she made with her mother as a child. These folds gradually became more intricate, more mathematically inclined, and more inspired by the tessellations of Ron Resch – overlapping, connecting, twisting together, and repeating. From here, bloom blanket was born.

Making bloom was a way for her to combine a childhood love of crafts with her current interests in more geometric, digital aesthetic..."

You can read more about Bianca's story and the bloom blanket here

Queen Marie