set in stone...

I've been more than a little obsessed with concrete jewellery this last past year. It seems I am not alone, easy is full of it. Much of it is lovely but none of it comes close to the creations of Rhiannon Palmer who I featured last year here

Rhiannon is a sculptor, jeweller and concrete lover. It was out of her passion for making and obsession with concrete that Rhiannon Palmer Jewellery was born. Through the creation of unique, hand cast concrete jewellery, rpj aims to show others just how tactile, playful and beautiful concrete can be. 

While studying Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University Rhiannon was introduced to concrete as a creative medium and the love affair began. She honed her skills with concrete by producing an array of concrete and mixed media sculptures but it wasn't until she left University that she had the idea to miniaturise her sculpture into bold, urban, contemporary jewellery.

Rhiannon now lives and works in London but hopes to spread the love of concrete worldwide!

With creations like these below that shouldn't be too hard...


Just this week I managed to snaffle the white necklace below at her easy shop for an  unbelievable £10 (a reduction of over 67%). It arrived yesterday and it is stunning.

It was an early Christmas present to myself. Very frugal if I say so myself. Although at that price I‘m thinking I should spring for the blue and red striped one too….

Queen Marie