watership downer...

Talking in the studio the other day, Gavster and I agreed what a great but actually quite harrowing film the animation Watership Down was

I'm 100% certain the illustrator Al Murphy agrees because he has created quite the best mug I have ever seen. I came across it in a shop yesterday and laughed so much, I bought it. I need another mug like I need a hole in the head but this will cheer me up in work every day

Al Murphy is an illustrator, man, and a human. He lives in New York which is in the American States of the United Americas. 

Al was recently voted Illustrator Most Likely To Go To The Pub Later by himself and took first prize in every category of the Al Murphy Illustration awards which he hosted for the 33rd year running. Al did live in Berlin but left when he realised so had most of East London. He then moved to New York but left when he realised he had begun pronouncing tomato 'toh-may-toh'. He is influenced by the work of the great masters Neil Young, Charles Schulz and Eric Morecambe and is partial to a Fab ice lolly every once in a while.

Nothing better than a smile on a Saturday.

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