say hi with hanna

When it comes to Christmas cards, it takes me ages to find ones I like. 

So when I do find them, I buy them (no matter how early) and put them somewhere safe.

Fast forward to me, on the first day of December unable to remember where the safe place is.


So I'm thinking I might just give up the hunt, start again and say hi at Christmas with these little beauties from designer, artist and illustrator Hanna Konola who live and works in Finland...

Set of 7 cards above 12 Euros        Set of 4 cards and envelopes below 12 Euros

Despite the fact that I hardly have any wall space left in The Palace, I have been seriously hankering after one of her art prints for months now.

Maybe it's just the time of year, but all of a sudden some of her work ( especially these prints from her Forest and August Series) is suddenly striking me as quite Christmassy. Of course I could just be looking for an excuse to buy one!.

I especially love her Hana to Hanna prints which are part of a collaborational project with Hana Akiyama. They sent each other pictures instead of words over email. From this dialogue they then built two exhibitions, one in Helsinki and one in Tokyo, and made a small book.

This is my favourite below, it's like when an astral amoeba met miro in a midnight sky...

Queen Marie