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Prince B very kindly bought me some Kat Von D makeup a few weeks ago, which he got his best friend, who lives in Canada, to pick me up from Sephora. I chose to get another Studded Kiss lipstick, some concealer and a nailpolish.




If you read my previous Kat Von D review, you'll know how much I love Studded Kiss lippie. The matte formulations are long lasting and beautifully textured. I wear Cathedral pretty much every day.

My thin lips are not complimented by reds and dark shades so I stick with more neutral colours and Chula is a gorgeous reddish brown and so, so flattering. 


Lock-it Concealer Light 16

I've been using my Kat Von D Lockit foundation as concealer with brilliant results, so I decided to try the actual concealer.

I chose the lightest shade, expecting it to be roughly the same shade as the foundation I have, but it was quite a bit darker. If you are very pale of skin this will be too dark for you. For my own undereye bags it just isn't light enough. It's much better for using on other areas of my face for the days I'm not wearing full foundation. It's also much easier to blend than the foundation.





This wasn't my first choice of nailpolish from the range, I actually wanted the shimmery black but it was sold out. On the Sephora site, Piaf looks like a proper bright purple but it's actually an aubergine shade, so more of browny purple. It's pretty underwhelming. The formula is rich though so 2 coats gives you perfect coverage.





The Studded Kiss lipstick never disappoints and any opportunity I get I shall purchase more. The concealer is disappointing in terms of colour but texture and quality is very good and it stayed put all day long. The nailpolish in Piaf was pretty boring for a purple, and with a name like Piaf I was expecting something a little more dramatic, but it will do for my toenails. 

Overall, the colours are the let down for me but of course that's the issue with ordering online without the benefit of seeing anything in real life. The textures are impressive though, so if you can get the right shades for you it really is an exceptional line of makeup.