Walk The Line

I've been featuring a lot of jewellery of late but the bulk of it is really just for inspiration since it'll be out of most of our price ranges. That's not a bad thing - it encourages me to take to eBay and Etsy and source similar things for cheaper, but it's also nice when you can just actually buy something straight off.

I recently came across the very affordable work of designer Courtney Cady, who established her jewellery brand, Bagtazo, in 2012. With a BA in anthropology and a second in philosophy, Courtney is a self-taught designer and metalsmith who draws upon her academic interests to influence her designs. Courtney's handmade work is distinctly minimal, meant to "adapt to the owner's style, rather than impose a look".

Courtney began her career in 1999, selling handmade surf trunks by seamstress Sato Hughes, who had been making bespoke shorts for Kanvas by Katin since 1961. A few years later, Courtney worked as a vintage buyer for Japanese distribution company Ragtime Cowboy and Imonni Inc. alongside owner and designer Eiko Wise. 

In 2004, she went on to create Shallow Fashion, a company providing production assistance to emergent and established brands. It is here that she gained valuable experience, working with fabric mills, pattern makers, sample makers, tech designers, graders, cutters, sewers, printers and finishers.


Everything is very affordable with prices ranging from $30 to $110. There are no precious metals involved but if, unlike me, you are not allergic to copper or brass then these are the perfect balance between elegantly understated and modern with a little bit of an edge.

Hopefully one day she'll create some of these wonderful pieces in silver and gold. I'd love the bangle stack in silver.