Hi To Huang

Oh how I love when you find that brand that gives you heart palpitations because it's so beautiful. During some recent online research, I came across the work of artist and jewellery designer, Niza Huang. I gasped out loud as I scrolled down the pages of her website. Each creation is more breathtaking than the last.

Queen Marie will tell you how much I adore quartz so she will not in any way be surprised by my feelings towards Niza's work as she encompasses titanium quartz, clear quartz, and Herkimer diamonds to the pieces.

Niza is currently based in London and has built up a unique portfolio with her meticulous use of texture and sculptural forms. Though her pieces are fashion orientated, there is a highly researched story behind every design, giving each customer a piece of wearable sculpture. Niza creates unique jewellery, that is designed to be as innovative as it is beautiful.


More impressive is that, given the work that's clearly gone into each creation, Niza has set her price points at a pleasingly agreeable level. You can bag yourself a pair of stud earrings for under £50 and the simple ring (bottom image) is merely £39. Yes, there are more expensive pieces but it would have so much easier for her to price them far out of most people's range, so she should certainly be applauded for that.

Personally, I have my eye on the blue and gold ring...