good enough to eat...

As you will have come to realise long ago, while I write about an eclectic range of subjects, I very rarely write about beauty products or cosmetics. Perfume yes but beauty products no.

That is mainly because I am a soap and water kind of a girl, whose bathroom is almost devoid of product.

But today I make an exception to talk about the special Scrub Therapy 

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Sophie wrote to tell me about her  friend Tara the Wizard who had set up Scrub Therapy  using 117% natural ingredients ( that made me laugh) and essential oils to make lovely handmade natural products and asked me if I would try some out. It seemed like perfect timing as for the last couple of weeks my arms and legs have felt really dry and dull. I know no-one ever sees them but you still want them to feel nice.

Next thing a package is hand delivered by the courier who is under strict instructions from Tara not to leave the package anywhere hot. Because everything is fresh and full of oils, it could melt and no one wants a tub full of goo.

Instead wrapped lovingly in tissue paper and string along with a lovely handwritten letter I got some goodies that smelled so good I could honestly have eaten them...



I really was tempted to just eat the scrub with a spoon and spread the butter on a scone!


On her site Tara explains why she has set up Scrub Therapy saying - "A friend of mine and I were discussing this topic recently, and she phrased it so beautifully.  Here is the gist: The more natural things we use in various aspects of our lives, the money that we spend on NATURAL products, rather than on various chemically laden items...that is OUR VOTE towards preserving ourselves and our environment.  The more of us that live in this way, taking these little steps...the better!"

I couldn't agree more.


But my favourite thing of all is the little heart shaped tin of solid fragrance. I carry this in my pocket all the time. The smell is subtle and soothing and believe me the last couple of weeks I have needed all the soothing I can get...


Thank You Tara, for some much needed therapy

Queen Marie