191 days to go...

Did you know there are only 191 days to go until Episode 7 of Star Wars?

For lots of people, Queen Michelle included, this means nothing, to the rest of us it is a matter of much excitement. Much as I'm looking forward to it, I will have no doubt that we will soon be bored to the back teeth from all the spin offs and cross merchandising that will beset us all around.

But I've not reached saturatuion point yet, which is why when I came across these chunk t shirts I actually laughed at them.

My father wouldn't thank you for one of these for Fathers Day ( unless it's whisky or toffee, the man shows little or no interest, in fact he is downright offended!!) but my brother would happily sport one of these if it was to be proffered up by Princess Laura and Jenny.

Chunk t- shirts are available everywhere, but I came across most of these on Urban Outfitters.







Queen Marie