In the dragons lair...


As today is Saturday, I thought I would share something a little fantastical today.

How about some rings that look like they have been crafted in a dragons lair.

A glitter dragon that is.

Picture 1


Say hello to Maud Traon's amazing statement rings,

Award-winning contemporary jewellery designer and artist Maud Traon combines an explosive mix of colour and form to create imaginative and unpredictable works of wearable art. In an array of mixed media and metals her work explores an innovative and unique aesthetic.

 Her challenging mix of luxurious precious metals and gemstones, creating striking contrasts of precious and non-precious materials and pop-culture inspired colour combinations have continued to draw interest in the world of jewellery and art, most recently with her participation in a major exhibition at Paris’s Musee des Arts Décoratifs.

Maud’s work explores the relationship between preciousness, value & wearability, whilst drawing on consumerism, natural disasters & appocolyptic landscapes for inspiration and it's not every day you say that about glittery rings....

Picture 2

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 17.02.59



 It will come as no surprise, that my favourite is this little glitter imprisoned my little pony...



Queen Marie