Perfect End

ExamoufitAs you know, it was 5th ballet exam yesterday. On the run up to the exam I didn't feel I was ready. There were so many things I was still getting corrections on in rehearsal classes and loads of exercises I was still getting massively wrong. And let's not even talk about my pirouettes!

Usually, even if I'm getting exercises wrong in class, I still know in my heart that I can do them and will most likely get them right in the exam, but I didn't feel that way this time at all. I just felt that very little of it had gone into my muscle memory. The syllabus for this grade is also very stamina intensive, with lots of balances and high jumps in succession. Getting all the way through the whole grade without becoming too exhausted by the time the we reached the last few exercises seemed impossible. So needless to say, come exam day both myself and my friend were not at all confident.

Oddly though I wasn't at all nervous on the day. I had already decided that regardless of what happens I'd enjoy it. I'd perform and smile all the way though. And that's exactly what I did. I did actually really enjoy it! Was I perfect? Absolutely not. Were my pirouettes horrible? Yes they were. However I must have done something right because I managed to get an Honours pass!

IMG_4791I got an Honours in my last exam too, but I was not even thinking about the possibility of getting one in this exam. In my head it simply wasn't an option. But I think smiling and enjoying it really did make the difference. Dust made me my exam skirt and said she hoped it'd be a lucky skirt - apparently it was! 

We are now going into Elementary level, which features pointe work. I'm really excited for this grade. Of course I'm dreading the pirouettes, but thankfully they are from fourth position, which makes them slightly easier. And because we've being doing pointe class, the pointe work in this grade won't pose too many challenges for us.

So overall, it was the perfect final gift for my rather wonderful birthday.