Key of the door...


So Subculture was 21 last night.

How the hell did that happen?

Every year I make a present. This year I made  mirrored perspex keys.

Picture 2

21 years have gone by in a flash. It's only when I was digging out some old photographs to take down with me last night, that it dawned on me just how much time has passed.


 Back in the day, I wouldn't even be home yet.

Queen Michelle and I would be sitting in the Spring sunshine drinking a cup of tea and already planning out outfits for next week.

These days,  I could no more manage an after party than fly in the air. I was back home in my bed for 5am this morning but back then it was as much a part of the night as the club itself.

Look how happy Prince B and Jimmy are here back at Rod's...


Or just look how happy Queen Michelle and I are after the New Years Party. 15 years ago!!!!


It's not easy to tempt Queen Michelle and Prince B out to play these days but I'm thinking that I might have a chance next weekend!

The Sub Club Soundsystem is having a courtyard and block party! 

It takes place from 1pm along at the Barras. So with the offer of hot fresh doughnuts and a cup of tea, I'm thinking I might be able to tempt her...

.Picture 1

It's taking place inside and out, so fingers crossed it stays dry. Us old ladies would struggle to dance in the rain...

Queen Marie