the comfort factor...

I've been laughing the last few days at Queen Michelle calling herself 'grandma'

I always think of her a young slip of a thing so what does that make me I wonder. A great grandma or maybe a little bit Methusala!

It may seem like an age thing but I have always enjoyed clothes that are comfy. I detest clothes that are tight and close fitting. There have been occasions in the past, where my mouth has actually fallen open, as Queen Michelle nonchalantly mentions that her trousers are so tight that she struggles to sit down. I just can't imagine tolerating clothes that cause me pain.

I know it's far from glamourous or even cool but 'comfy' was the first word that sprang to mind when I looked at the Mes Demoislelles Winter 2015 Lookbook. It sounds almost counter intuitve to describe a french label as comfy!

As with so many things, the delight is in the detail of these garments. The flash of beading , the curve of a hem or the cut of the leggings, draping over the sneaker.

Yes I know too,  it's slightly twisted to be looking at Winter before Summer has even arrived but truth to tell, I hate the Summer. I take no comfort in being hot and cross. Even worse I have to take my parka off. That makes me very uncomfortable indeed.





How could you not love the teddy bear coat above or this black cotton swing coat below. Love love love them.


 There are of course younger fun items.

Oh to be twenty again. Metallic Dungarees oh yes, I would have been all over those suckes




What I also love are the names of the garments. In fact next week I am going to be sharing items from the AW 2116 LY Adams , a collection I was immediately smitten with mainly due to the fact that it featured a pair of trousers named Quentin!!!

Queen Marie