butterflies and skeletons...



We're starting the week showing some love for another designer from Lithuania!

We seem to be doing that a lot recently!

Today we're looking at the bodies of Robert Kalinkin

I first came across his butterfly body over at 4moon where this captivating creation is now on sale for €111

I'm always a sucker for some tulle but I find now that I can't look at anything ballet related, no matter how vague the connection and wonder how Queen Michelle and Dust would interpret and create it!


 Kalinkin creates both womenswear and meanswear collections with the motto "Make a statement"

That's exactly what you would make with this  'skeleton' body'

You can find this along with with some other pieces over at Kingdom favourite Not just a label

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

His pieces combines complex cutting and designs, bright and bold details and thoughtful asymmetry. With his 2015/16 collection expressing raw elegance with a militaristic edge for a confident spin.

Now I don't know about you but I really really feel like my day would be made a whole lot better if I was sitting here sporting some butterfly wings made of tulle.


Queen Marie