Hurry Up Spring!

Happy Good Friday! As you read this I will on my way up to Aberdeen to partake of home-baking and fry ups, courtesy of the Duchess.

Remember a few weeks ago when I said spring had finally sprung in Glasgow? Yeah, I take that back. We are back to our usual rain and wind situation. One day last week we had sunshine, rain, hailstones, snow and gale force winds all in a single day!

However, that hasn't stopped Dust and I thinking about the next Danseuse mini-collection, which we are getting ready to release in the next couple of months. This season you'll see some pretty florals and petals shapes and we are introducing a dress into the collection too. I'm really excited for this collection. 

If you read the Danseuse blog, you'll have seen my fave outfits for class featuring current Danseuse pieces, so I thought I'd share it for KoS readers too. Basically, these are an excuse to shoot flat-lays, which I really enjoy.

Current-faves_2 EliseJessicaSofianeTiffany

The Misty skirts are getting so much wear from me it's insane. I knew when I designed it, it was my ideal skirt, but when Dust brought it to life I never quite realised just how much I would love it. It's just so perfectly flattering for those of us with reasonable sized bums.