Charity Shop Chloe

Going from having a very healthy disposable income to having an exceptionally small/non-existent disposable income is tough, to say the least. You spend your days working your arse off so you can get the money to be able to do fun things like go on holiday, buy pretty shoes or eat nice food. When you find yourself in a position where all that has been taken away, you need to find a way to not just exist but to still live

As a person, I'm not one for going out much or drinking or partying, so my outlet is fashion and dancing. I'm lucky that I can still take all my ballet classes for now, but my fashion world has shrunk considerably.

It's not the first time I've found myself at the shitty end of redundancy and when the going gets tough, the tough head to the charity shops.

I don't like charity shopping without a plan. Aimlessly searching through endless rails is counter productive, so I like to go with something specific in mind. More often than not I have a 'look' that I'm trying to replicate and I head to the charity shops in order to hunt out items which closely resemble it. My current charity shopping plan revolves around these two looks from Chloe pre fall 2015.

Chloe_001_1366 2b4771c4edfc621e7137851da3e2d813I have a terrible soft spot for the 70's and these silhouettes represent everything that was perfect about the era, but modernised.

My charity shop plan involves searching out similar colours of caramel, rust and orange, and anything with rounded corners such as hems and collars. If I do get lucky and find some vintage pieces, even better.

This week I'll be arming myself with £15 and seeing what I can score in my local charity and vintage shops to replicate these looks. 

The challenge is on!