You've got to hand it to Henrik...


 With rain and more snow forecast for Wednesday, we need something that will brighten up our Tuesday. Who better to do that than Henrik Vibskov

Even the title of his shows can put a smile on your face!  His Autum Winter 2015 collection, shown last Friday night in Paris was called " Messy Massage Class"

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Now playful a polymath as Henrik is and as much as I love him, I sometimes struggle to understand the explanation of his shows. Take the explanation on Friday night -  "Stirred up by visions of peculiar mind/body attitudes in the health world, warped sounds coming from a curtained room, and unsettling anonymous hands touching you, Vibskov's latest macrocosm is a blood circulating presentation of outlandish muscle exploration.

Models wearing high headpieces with wobbly sweatbands tread through a catwalk maze of unstoppable health-giving hands. Sound waves are blown up on knits, printed artworks rotate, and hand motifs become the systemized snake hands of sweat styles. Double-faced jersey is cut up and re-constructed, and 3D knit structures are created out of intricately assembled patterns"

The catwalk initially featured a curtained off section, but as the show was about  to begin, the curtain was pulled back to reveal a theatrical 20-meter long installation which referenced the collection's subtitle "messy massage class", but also by incorporating elements from the medical ,tweaked in his unique way, allowed Vibskov  to create even greater visual drama ( and I do love a bit of drama)

Perhaps no surprise given that he once described himself saying - ’Im basically just a bit twisted. I am a tiny bit dark. I like things that are spooky and a little out-of-order. I like creepiness. That’s not a secret. Or, I don’t think it’s a secret."

Catwalk Images Photo credit: Hörður Ellert Ólafsson



HEO_0114Let's end the post  with the finish of the show and a parting shot of Henrik (and not just because Dust and I think he is handsome! well ok, maybe just a bit...)


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