sweet feet...


If you asked women to name two things that made them really really happy, I'm willing to bet that cake and shoes would be pretty high up on that list.

Imagine how happy they would be if somehow they could combine the two

Well now they can! say hello to the shoe bakery - shoes that look so good you want to eat them.

Although I strongly suggest that you don't!

Founded in April of 2013, Shoe Bakery creates dessert-inspired shoes. Cake-like wedges, flats with sprinkles and heels that look like ice cream sundaes or wedding cakes ! Chris started his footwear brand on Etsy, but due to high customer demand has had to branch out on his own e-commerce website which currently features two collections – cake and ice cream.
Customers can pay between £45 and £200 for a pair of shoes from the online store or you can commission the Shoe Bakery to 'bake' whatever your heart desires...





 With every pair being handmade and some taking up to three weeks to make, Chris explains just how they can look so lifelike - 

'When starting a design we try and think of common desserts and think about how we can transform them into a shoe.
We then sketch out our idea, get the materials we need together then make the magic happen using an acrylic medium. In order to make it look like frosting, we use the same tools that bakers use such as the icing bags and tips. People think they are edible all the time. When we first came out with our shoes, most of our time was spent explaining to people that they are not edible.'



If you were a bride planning her wedding, too right you would have shoes made to match your cake.

Yum yum yum...

Queen Marie