Tea with The Queen...


Some people say "size isn't everything"

But when it comes to baked goods, sometimes bigger is totally better.

I had a very very big smile on my face when I came across these Queen cookie cutters from suck uk

It is the sheer scale of them that makes them so wonderful...31170_teawithqueen-product-005


Afternoon Tea is a great British tradition, and what could be better than "tea with the Queen". Enjoying a nice cup of tea and a cookie with Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth is unlikely for most of us, until now...

Thanks to this clever design  by Roman-Leo,  you too can bake posh cookies with the silhouette of Her Majesty. The iconic Queen's profile is a symbol of royalty and Britannia, and is perfect for dunking. God Save The Queen.

Granted I may just be starting to suffer from  my annual attack of Great British Bake Off  fever ( in fact I think  they are tackling biscuits this week!) but I can't think of a better way to spend £5 than on one of these cutters...




And obviously it goes without saying that your own Queens - Michelle and Marie are always available for tea, biscuits and buns. You just need to ask us and we're there...

Queen Marie