Klear As Day

A few months or so I bought the Klear Klutch Parental Advisory clutch. It's fun although uselessly small. I'd say it was more of a purse than a clutch, so I carry my phone and sunglasses in it then put inside my proper bag.

I had considered to seeing if I could somehow attach a thin long strap to it and wear it rather than carry it inside another bag, but I couldn't work out how to attach the strap. Any suggestions? I think a strap would make it more useful for a night out when you don't carry much but still need to have your hands reasonably free. 

The brand focus, as the name suggests, is on transparent accessories, which have been on trend for some time. Clearly (pun intended) Klear Klutch feel it has further lasting power and I think they are right - whilst we have Chanel sunglasses and iPhones to show off, we will require transparent PVC to house them in. However, as someone who also carries such delightful things as knarled plasters, rolled up bits of tissue and receipts in my bag, what I put inside my Klear Klutch is a tad more curated, shall we say!

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Beyond the brand's mission to focus solely on clear accessories, I don't know anything else about them. They've been around for a few years now but I don't know who's behind the label.