Glasgow School of Art Torn Apart By Flames

It's with a heavy heart today we discovered our city's most famous building, Glasgow School of Art, has perished in a terrible fire, which is still blazing as I write this.

Everyone in our city is so upset as GSoA is our most prized Charles Rennie Mackintosh building.

Gsa_fromwest Gsa_library
Founded in 1845, it was originally called Glasgow School of Design, before it moved to it's current location in 1869 and renamed the Glasgow School of Art. The building finally opened in 1909.

It's an incredibly important part of our cultural and historical heritage with some of the city's most famous artists having passed through it's halls and almost a third of Turner Prize nominees have attended the school.

The art nouveau building not only nurtures our current creative talent but it also houses an extensive range of original furniture and fittings, watercolours and architectural drawings by Charles Rennie Mackintosh himself. This has all been decimated by the flames. The loss of the library, with it stunning wood and vast books is a huge loss to the city and the school's students. Not only that, but the students were preparing for their degree show, so 3 or 4 years worth of student's work will be gone.

Our heart's go out to all the students and lecturers of the school. Luckily no-one has been hurt.

We are so upset this magificient building is being ripped apart by flames. A truly one-off building and piece of Scotland's history has gone.