Gaye Advert

As you all probably know, I love music. In the many interviews we've done over the years of the blog, whenever I am asked what my inspiration is, I always say music. It's not just that music inspires my mood, which in turn dictates how I dress, but I look at my music heroes and and try and channel some their attitude or rebellion into my own outfits. When I do look for individuals for inspiration, I look to those, in and out of music, who have carved their own path, who don't conform, who refuse to be mainstream. I appreciate rebellion. I appreciate those people who take risks and live fearlessly.

My latest style crush, for these reasons,  is Gaye Advert. I never actually liked the Adverts when I was a punk, so never really paid any attention to who Gaye Advert was. It was actually Prince B who showed me her last week. He had a huge crush on her in the 70's and I can see why. Holy hotness! She is the punk version of my beloved Joan Jett.

Replete with black 70's mullet, thick black eyeliner and tight high waisted jeans and biker jacket adorning her slight frame, she has the look of a young Pearl Lowe.

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When the Adverts split up, Gaye retired from  music and became an artist, which is what she does 'til this day.

On a music side note, Prince B and I went to see NIN last night. They were good but the gig was overall pretty odd in my opinion. The crowd were young and really straight and didn't seem to really recognise many of the earlier songs. There was very little movement by them and even when March of the Pigs came on, which would have insigated a moshing stampede 'in my day', barely got their heads nodding. It also didn't help that Trent Reznor didn't engage with the audience at all, not uttering a single word. I thought that was rude. He didn't even say thank you at the end. Maybe if he'd engaged more the inert youngsters would have too.

I certainly need not have worried about getting my shoes trashed; as it was I could have worn my white Birks and they would not have got a single mark on them!