On Saturday, as a birthday treat for myself, I am getting a new tattoo. Well it's actually more getting one of my existing tattoos finally finished.

I had initially planned a brand new one, but wasn't 100% sold on my idea so rather getting a new one I wasn't quite ready for, I opted to finish off one of my others. 

I actually hate designing tattoos for myself because I can't draw anymore. The tattoo I'm getting is some roses around a geometric shape I have on one of my arms and this time I'm letting my artist freehand it. The last tattoo I did that with was my feather and it turned out brilliantly, so I'm hoping for equally good results. I'm even going to consider a bit of colour this time. 

Looking through my tattoo inspiration board in Pinterest, the work I'm always most drawn to is that by artists who are also graphic designers, such as Valentin Hirsch. Therefore it'll be no surprise my other tattoo crush is MXM, an artist with East River Tattoo in New York who is also a graphic and type designer. 

Born in Switzerland, his signature tattoos feature my favourite mixture of  geometric and organic shapes and images.

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If money were no object, I'd definitely make the trip to NY to get tattooed by this guy. Maybe one day...